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Greetings to all the vault dwellers out there in the Wasteland. We want to help prepare you for your long and hard journey out there. Make sure to find all our Holotapes so you can learn more about what the world is like out here in this dangerous place we call home.

The making of Surviving the Wasteland

These two episodes was a lot of fun to do. We had access to a small photo studio with green screen capabilities and we were huge fans of the Fallout series by Bethesda. we took the game engine, tweaked it a bit for us to have a moving background layer and and keyed in our actors. It was a very tough project for us because at the time we had not worked with green screen and had a very outdated editing PC which took forever. After figuring out a few things and having some fun, we produced Surviving the Wasteland. We still love it to this day.


Fallout: Surviving the Wasteland is a parody and is in no way affiliated with Bethesda Softworks or ZeniMax Media Inc.

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