COffee with a Madman

11:11 min | R | Feb 12, 2018
Drama, Comedy

Coffee with a Madman was conceived from an Alfred Hitchcock talk about tension. to sum up what he said. “Two people are sitting at a table and there is a bomb and the bomb never goes off – Alfred Hitchcock.” We wanted to take that idea and literally run with it. 

In Coffee with a Madman, We wanted to challenge ourselves by trying an Alfred Hitchcock approach to tension. Something strong with a constant looming threat.

We are extremely proud that Coffee with a Madman was selected for Amazon Prime Video’s first “All voices” film showcase.

Directed by




Kathy Wells
Victor Jones
Isaak Wells
Aimee Ortiz
Claire Huder
Andrew Joyce

scott grimm abrams

Kathy Wells
Isaak Wells
Jack Drain
John Powell


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